All-Ireland Sustainability Network & Events

Driving Positive Sustainable Change across NI and Ireland

The All-Ireland Sustainability Events Network story began in November 2020

The aim was to bring sustainability professionals together, create opportunities to network, learn and share best practice, collaborate, and help drive positive environmental and social change across the island of Ireland. Today this networking group has over 600 members, but the story doesn't end there...

In 2022 the network further evolved to lead to the development of the All-Ireland Sustainability events

Our events include our annual Summit and Awards initiatives. The aim of these events is to create opportunities for networking and collaboration, sharing and celebrating best practice, engaging in learning and upskilling within the sustainability sector, and help individuals and organisations move forward in their own sustainability journeys.

How are our events different?

At All-Ireland Sustainability we create authentic sustainability events that cut through the greenwashing.

The All-Ireland Sustainability team are sustainability professionals, behavioural change consultants and green marketeers.

Unlike other event organisers, we have a strong background and thorough understanding of the environmental sector, and are driven to accelerate positive environmental, professional and social change for all and help organisations achieve a truly sustainable business model into the future.

Our events offer informed, engaging, focused and enjoyable opportunities for stakeholders across all sectors, and across the whole Island of Ireland, to get involved, support the important changes that are needed in the months and years ahead, network, collaborate and work in partnership to achieve shared goals. In a word, our event create impact.

We want to create a better future, starting today, and we want to work with like-minded individuals and organisations who are also striving to achieve these objectives through their own products and services.

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