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B2C Customer Trends in Sustainability for 2021

Interested in discovering the biggest consumer trends in sustainability for 2021? Have a read & decide whether your business is sustainability-ready.

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Renewable energy? I’m a big fan!

So this is the second in our ‘Student Voice’ guest blog series, where I am working with University of Ulster student, Natasha Jackson on her thoughts and views of the issues surrounding sustainability that matter to her. This month Natasha will be sharing her perspective on the hot topic of renewable energy; we hope that …

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2021: The Year of Positive Change?

Welcome to the first of our ‘Student Voice’ guest blog series where I will be working with Natasha Jackson on her thoughts and views of the issues surrounding sustainability that matter to her. Take it away Natasha!

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2020: Could it be the year for corporate responsibility?!

2020, what…is…going…on?! This year has brought unbounded upheaval right across the globe. It really has been a year when it is ALL happening, but could this be the catalyst we need for CSR to go mainstream within businesses?

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Green Recovery: What does it mean?

Let’s level; Covid19 has wreaked absolute havoc for public health, for businesses and has decimated the economy during its already over-stayed welcome.   As governments around the Globe desperately attempt to balance keeping their public safe whilst kickstarting their economies, we are hearing the more and more of the world’s business leaders and health professionals …

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What Covid19 taught us about profit, progress and (re) purpose:

Official ‘lockdown’ was announced across Northern Ireland and the UK on the 23rd march plunging businesses, organisations and householders into an unexpected, and wholly unprepared for economic shutdown. The business world immediately went into an ‘all hands on deck’ response, through to eventual stabilisation. Now, several weeks on, we are beginning to see the emergence …

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